Making sustainability a priority

Amid a growing global green movement, there is parallel increase in customer demand for the implementation of more responsible and sustainable business practices. Our company is committed to contribute to the evolution of business as a means of maximizing value for the environment and society. This is why we've been quite forceful in transforming our company by incorporating environmentally positive policies, to ensure day-to-day operations minimize our environmental footprint, and, most importantly, reflect our core values.

Sustainable packaging

Recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used, non-renewable materials. When deciding on our boxes or display containers, we use recycled paperboard where possible. We always strive to ensure the recyclability of our materials and to expand recycled content requirements. Our commitment to recycling is also evident in the presence of infrastructure to collect and recycle a variety of materials (paper, glass, scrap metal) throughout our facilities. Sustainable packaging isn't just about recycling and using recycled materials, but also about reducing single-use plastic packaging waste. This is why several of our flagship product lines are gradually replacing plastic jars with glass, as a more sustainable alternative. Implementing green initiatives at any touchpoint of our products’ journey is a continuous endeavor, going hand in hand with assisting our customers in realizing their goals for eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Our novel range of wine-based fruit preserves combine the elegance of the finest wines with the fresh flavor of delicious, select fruit. Preserves that will thrill even the most demanding food enthusiasts as a teasing spread, a smart topping, an out of the box dressing or the ultimate addition to an elegant cheese platter.